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What is an Aide?
An Adventure “Aide” is a local guide who leads people on unique adventures in their area. Our community of Aides are regular people who have a passion for adventure. Through these passions, our Aides inspire us to meet new people, try new things, and pursue our love of the great outdoors. 

As an Aide, you have the opportunity to create an income while sharing your passions- whatever they may be- with others. Using your expertise and local knowledge, you can offer unique and epic experiences for locals and travelers alike.
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About Adventure Aide

Adventure Aide was born as a resource for people who have a strong desire to explore the world and experience the outdoors. By supporting locals and their passions, we are able to create experiences that are unique to every individual. 

For us at Adventure Aide, this isn’t just about getting outside, it’s about connecting with others, sharing our passions, and appreciating this amazing planet we live on. We exist to create experiences where your passions become inspiration and your imagination becomes reality.

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